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Old Town Tree & Landscaping‚Äč

Winchester Virginia

Top Rated Tree Service In Winchester, Virginia.

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Land Clearing in Winchester, Virginia

Posted on March 1, 2022 at 9:10 PM

Saw this Deere running through the woods today. Most of our machines at Old Town Tree and Landscaping are geared towards low impact and use in residential yards. When doing larger land clearing projects in Winchester, Virginia we pull out the big guns. These larger skid steer machines move a lot of wood and debris very quickly. They are a must have for speed and efficiency. They also tear up the land a little bit more. We really only use them on heavily wooded areas and mostly areas that need to be graded afterwards. The size and weight of these machines can actually cause damage to root systems underground. Mostly through soil compaction but also tearing up shallow roots. A common mistake when grading is dinging up the base and roots of trees meant to be preserved. These unseen damages to your favorite tree can actually cause a lot of issues down the road. Always consult with a proffessional arborist to consult in selective land clearing jobs in Winchester, VA. Safely removing trees selected to come out should be well thought out and planned as to not cause any damage to other trees. Depending on the goals of the project, there are a few options to remove the stumps. Stump grinding is required in certain countys if land clearing is for septic systems and drainage. Ripping stumps out with large track machines is another option. Then they can either be hauled off or buried. Call our tree experts today for free consultation and estimate. 540-336-5415. Tree care proffesionals located in Winchester, Virginia 22601. 

Old Town Tree Service in Winchester, VA

Posted on February 10, 2022 at 2:55 PM

Old Town Tree and Landscaping LLC is a top rated tree company located in Winchester, Virginia 22601. Old Town Tree has been voted Winchesters Best Tree Service. We specialize in tree hazardous tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, land clearing, stump grinding, stump removal, storm damage, emergency tree service and all other tree care needs. We are fully licensed and insured tree surgeons. All of our employees are on payroll and covered by our workers compensation policy. We have one of the largest aerial lifts on the market. This machine allows us access to regions that a normal bucket truck could not get to. It is a CMC 83' Arbor Pro. It folds up to a slender 36" and can get through most gates. This machine also allows us to safely remove almost any tree that is too dangerous to climb. We also have a 61' bucket truck that is great for roadside tree pruning and tree trimming jobs. We have 3 very experienced Climbing Arborists to back up our lifts. We have multiple stump grinders. One of which is a Bandit 2550 4X4 49 horsepowered diesel. This is a wheeled stump machine that is very powerful and makes short work on any stump removal project. We also have a smaller Bandit ZT1844 27 horsepowered gas stump grinding machine. This is on tracks and has more mobility and can gain access to any hard to reach stump. We have two Bandit wood chippers. One is a 15XPC and the other is a 12XP. This allows us to tackle any large clean up and chipping job. We have 5 dump trucks that keep us onsite longer. We have lots more equipment to back up our tree care professionals. We offer option of full clean up after tree removal and tree pruning. Our local Arborists are well trained and well diversed in all aspects of the tree care industry. We offer free assessments and can help identify most issues with a variety of different tree species. We also offer free, fast and upfront estimates. Let our tree experts take care of your trees! Call now for any question or to set up an appointment (540)336-5415. We pride ourselves on offering affordable and competitive rates. We also take pride in safety. Arborculture is a way of life for us and we love working in this field. We offer tree care services to the following areas: Winchester 22601 22602 22603, Berryville 22611, Stephens City 22655, Stephenson 22656, Bluemont 20135. Also check out our website:  

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Winchester, Virginia

Posted on February 2, 2022 at 9:05 AM

We also upgraded our stump grinding division! It was part of our 2022 new equipment purchase from another local company. It is kind of bittersweet. We are now more capable of taking care of larger stumps very quickly. The bitter part is that we might not see our favorite contractor Adam Durbin with Hop Skip and a Stump LLC as much. Adam is still the undisputed stump grinding king of Winchester! We have relied heavily on him for years and he always does an amazing job in a timely manner. The reality is that he grinds stumps for a lot of other tree companies as well. We are a tree service that offers stump grinding. We mostly offer it on trees we have removed. He is fully focused on stumps. He has a quicker response time and offers more options. We will still refer Adam as much as possible, especially on jobs that are just grinding. He is a great resource and friend. We highly recommend his services! Thank you for always being so reliable!!! In this new chapter Old Town Tree Service, located in Winchester, Virginia 22602, is looking to take on more stump grinding and stump removal projects. As previously mentioned we have relied on Adam to grind our larger stumps. This machine is a Bandit 2550 4x4 with all rubber tires. Rubber tires have limitations and struggle getting up steep inclines, especially when wet. The advantage is that they do not tear the yard up as much as the track stump grinders do. We still have our smaller ZT1844 Bandit Stump Grinder on tracks. The new machine is diesel powered motor with a lot more torque. It is also hydraulic driven, so no belts or adjustments required. The smaller machine will come in handy in tight areas. It is also easy to transport. Old Town Tree Service is now a more capable tree company! There is no tree removal in Winchester, Virginia that we can not take on with confidence and ease. We have been working through all this snow FYI. It is slow going and kind of brutal out. We have amazing employees at Old Town Tree Care. They suit up and show up daily. Please call us for all your tree care needs.


CMC 83' Arbor Pro Lift

Posted on January 26, 2022 at 5:15 PM


We just purchased a CMC 83' Arbor Pro Lift!!! This machine is so compact yet reaches oh so high. It folds up and can get through a 36" gate. It allows us to gain access in places where a bucket truck won't go. It also makes extremely dangerous removals a whole lot safer and easier. It also wayyyyy increases productivity. This one machine with the right operator is capable of so much. It also helps cut down on fatigue of the operator. I've always prided myself on being a good, productive and safe climber. I have been my whole adult life. I've always thought relying on climbing skill was the purest form of this industry. I have to admit that this machine is a game changer. It blew my mind and far exceeded my expectations. If you can't tell we are stoked to have it and our new hires, Michael and Brian. They are a wonderful addition to our already great team!!!! So excited for what's to come. Old Town Tree and Landscaping is a top rated tree care service located in Winchester, VA 22601. We have top of the line equipment and a very experienced team. Our tree care experts and Arborists are well versed in all aspects of the tree care industry. We specialized in hazardous and dangerous tree removals, tree pruning and tree trimming, stump grinding and land clearing. Don't hesitate to call today for a fast, free and upfront estimate. Trust all your tree care needs to Old Town Tree 540-336-5415. We are fully licensed and insured. All of our employees are on payroll and covered by our Workers Compensation policy. Voted Winchesters best tree service 2021. We are also the highest rated tree service in Winchester, VA 22603. We still have our bucket truck and 3 professional tree climbers. With this addition we are are more than capable of handling any tree! 


Mergers and Acquisitions

Posted on January 9, 2022 at 4:35 PM

Our mergers and acquisition department has been working overtime in 2022. Old Town Tree Service has hit the ground running. We are committed to providing the best possible tree care in Winchester, VA 22601. We are also committed to staying Winchester's best tree service. We have bought some seriously cool equipment from another tree company located in Winchester. We have also hired all of thier employess!!! What does this mean for customers. The hope is that with the new firepower, we can have a shorter lead time and get to more tree removal and tree trimming project quicker than ever before. We also bought a larger stump grinding machine. One of the machines we bought will cut done a ton on time and add a lot in terms of safety. It is one of the largest lifts in the area and gives us access to almost any tree. This is all eciting news and just think about how much more tree work we will be able to accomplish. We are excited for the future of Old Town Tree. More deatils to come.....

Valley Mill Farm Winchester, Virginia

Posted on December 3, 2021 at 9:10 AM

Old Town Tree and Landscaping is a full service tree Care company. We specialize in: tree removals, hazardous tree removals, tree pruning, stump grinding and emergency/storm damage tree services. We are a top rated tree company located in Winchester, Virginia 22603. We are a small local company and take pride in our work. It was an honor to be Voted Best Tree Service in Winchetsr VA. We work very hard to gaurantee  our customers 100% satisfaction. 

New Giant Articulating Loader

Posted on November 24, 2021 at 7:50 PM

We purchased this Giant Loader 1500 a couple months ago. We bought it from RentalHouz located in Winchester Virginia. When i was a younger man I always belived in the power of manual labor. I think this philosophy and work ethic has carried me far in life. That being said the power of machine is undeniable. I will always believe in the power of skilled labor as being the backbone of the tree care industry. That being said equipment definitely allows us to accomplish way more in a way shorter amount of time. When I started Old Town Tree, I really didn't have the option to buy nice or new equipment. Now that we have grown into one of the largest tree companies in Winchester, VA, We are so blessed to be in a position to grow. This growth has only made us more efficiant and able to accomplish work faster. We still have our mini Bobcat Loader but this new machines plays a huge role as well. The Bobcat is more verstile but can cause some light damage. It is also more compact so it can fit in tighter areas with ease. The Giant Loader is larger and can lift more weight. It can also lift it higher and has a much faster travel speed. It has zero imapact on yards. We can drive it through a wet yard and expect no damage or imprint whatsoever. These machines both have a place on our jobsite and compliment each other well.

Top Rated Tree Service Near Me Winchester Virginia

Posted on November 17, 2021 at 3:20 PM

Old Town Tree is a family oriented company. We support our employees and they in turn make our company successful. This is actually the son of an employee at another tree company in Berryville VA. We were doing a project for a mutual friend and the bucket truck was used to intall landscape lighting in tree tops. We are always willing to work with other tree services in the Winchester area. It is a great way to make new contacts. Also, learn from one another and share resources. Big Shout out to Miller Tree Experts located in Berryville, Virginia. We love providing top rated tree services in Berryville, Virginia. Offering tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, hazardous tree removals, tree care, tree experts, arborist, land clearing, site clearing, storm damage tree work and emergency tree services. 

License Plates

Posted on November 5, 2021 at 9:40 AM

We like to have fun with our license plates here at Old Town Tree Service. Rumor has it we have also obtained the coveted TREE LFE plate coming soon! This is just someting fun we do to make our fleet stand out. We always opted for the "clean look". All of our trucks are stock Ford white. We do not logo our trucks but our fleet is recognizable when we travel in a convoy. We do not travel very far out of the Winchester, VA area. We like to concentrate our tree services and stay as local as possible. 


Posted on November 1, 2021 at 12:35 AM

This Is our new logo for Old Town Tree and Landscaping located in Winchester, VA 22601. Old Town Tree Service is a top rated tree service. We offer a variety of services such as: tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding and storm damage. Please call Old Town Tree for all tree care needs. We are licensed and insured with general liability and worker compensation insurances. Please ask one of our expert sales members for certificate of insurance. We have expert local Arborists that can assist with any question about tree health and tree maintenance. We sldo offer land clearing and selective clearing services.